Yams; Sugar inside boiled yams!

So I got back from classes and was craving some boiled yam with stew, don’t ask me why it wasn’t with eggs.

It wasn’t just any boiled yam though it was the ones my pops used to cook for us sometimes while growing up. He used to add a cube of sugar while boiling his yams and this gave it a sort of slightly sugary effect when you ate the yams.

So I sliced my tuber of yam, then I rinsed them. I then placed it in a clean pot added some water, a pinch of salt, and three cubes of sugar. If your eye brows went up at the number of cubes I added, then I confess that I love sugary stuffs and sometimes find it hard to do it in moderation.

I then left it to boil, while I changed into something comfy from those stuffy clothes I used to wear to school. After the yam was soft enough to eat, which I determined by passing a knife through one of the slices of yam boiling, if it was easy to cut through them it was soft enough for me to eat.I then brought out a pack of stew from the freezer and warmed.

Then I served myself a plate of sugary yam slices and stew. Delicious!

Boiled yams

That’s the end of my story about sugar inside boiled yams!

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