Yam balls

Who doesn’t like yam balls especially if it has just a tiny bit of peppery effect in your mouth. The good part is it’s very easy to make with very little ingredients you can get at home.


  • Yam ( Boiled)
  • Dried ground pepper/ ata gigun for the yorubas
  • Jollof seasoning ( you need just little of this and if you don’t have it not to worry)
  • Magii ( a cube of magii is just right)
  • You don’t need salt because your yam was boiled with salt.
  • Chicken bits/ cray fish/ fish( this is to spice things up a bit)


Now that we know the ingredients needed let’s learn the steps involved

  1. Boil your yam with salt ( just boil you yam the way you would normally)
  2. Mash your yam into bits
  3. Add magii, crayfish, pepper, chicken, sprinkle little quantity of jollof seasoning.
  4. If you don’t have jollof seasoning you could use curry.
  5. Mix thoroughly.
    • This would allow the seasoning to go round
  6. Whisk one egg in a bowl
  7. Pour flour in another bowl
  8. Mould your mashed yam into a ball, deep into egg and roll in flour.
  9. Deep fry your yam balls for very few minute, this is to avoid it from burning.
  10. If you realise your yam balls are burning, it could be because the oil is too hot . All you have to do is reduce the heat.
  11. Serve with a cold glass of Watermelon juice
Molded yam balls
Yam balls

Enjoy yam balls with ketchup and some eggs

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