Why your cake is flat?

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In life, we are bound to make mistakes and experience few setbacks but we shouldn’t let that stop us. You only learn by trying. On one occasion I tried baking a set of cupcakes but it was just too flat. I kept wondering what could be the cause. There are lots of reasons why your cake isn’t rising or just flat like pizza.

Why is my cake flat?

Expired baking soda/powder is one of the reasons. You are probably wondering how that’s possible right or why someone would use expired baking powder. Baking powder is one of the things one is likely to ignore when baking. You realize you have some left behind and u just add a little to it without checking the expiry date. Not sure of the expiry date? Well just add a little to water to see if it bubbles or not. Ideally it’s supposed to bubble so if it doesn’t bubble then you know it’s not appropriate for baking

Exposed baking soda;

Picture this; you make a batch of cakes and they are really yummy and delicious but you didn’t close the baking soda container tightly. The next time you bake it may become flat. Well when air enters the baking soda it kind of ruins it. So dear readers though baking soda seems like an ingredient to over look it has the power to ruin your cake too.

Next time you bake your cake make sure everything is just right especially the baking soda.

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