what is wanke ?

Wanke is a ghanian rice and beans.

Ingredients needed for wanke

  • Leaf of guinea corn. In my tribe its called kporo kporo baba leaf my mum says it’s the leaf that’s gotten from ogi baba plant. Anyway it’s pink/ wine in color. You can get this at a local market in Nigeria.
  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Onions to make your beans soften quicker
Kporokporo baba leaf


  1. Rinse your beans
  2. Place in a clean pot and add water to it
  3. Add some sliced onions
  4. Boil beans for fifteen to twenty minute
  5. Wash/ parboil rice. I don’t parboil mine but you can do that to yours
  6. Add the rice to the pot
  7. Rinse the leaf and add to the pot
  8. Add more water if it’s required or the water is small
  9. Boil for another fifteen to twenty minute.
  10. Check if the rice and beans are edible and very soft
  11. Mould to desired shape
  12. Serve with wanke stew or shitto stew.
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  • Oranges|fruit Series

    Dear readers, it’s been very long since I posted anything on the fruit Series 😪. I have been procrastinating a lot but today I have decided to let go of all that and write.


    What are oranges?

    Well oranges are fruits. They have peels and an edible part that can be eaten.

    Do you love oranges?

    I am sure I would get mixed reactions from you but I would love to see your response in the comment section. I do love oranges especially the sweet ones.

    How do you select the best oranges?

    Selecting the best oranges aren’t so hard. You just have to take few things into consideration. When buying oranges, make sure

    1. The oranges don’t have any spots on them. This may be hard but it’s very vital. You shouldn’t buy oranges with so much black spots on them. This is because not all oranges would be good.
    2. Avoid oranges with marks and scars. Some oranges are known to have marks, cuts and scars. You should make sure you stay away from them because the oranges might have been eaten by rodents or any other animal.
    3. Don’t buy oranges that have a tender spot. Yes! Oranges are supposed to be soft. However, when you notice a particular spot is softer or more tender than normal, it may be that the orange is already getting spoilt and you don’t want that.
    4. Uniform colour is one of the features you should consider. What do I mean? If an orange is having two colours, let’s say orange and green, you should stay away from it. Buy oranges with uniform colour. If the orange is going to be green then let it be green all through.

    Where to buy oranges?

    Now that you know what to consider when selecting oranges, let’s look at where you can get oranges.

    This would definitely be based on your location. For Nigerians, you can get oranges at the local markets, from people selling fruits, and hausa men. You can order online from some websites that deal with foods. You can buy from supermarkets too. Q: where do you buy your fruits? I would love to receive your comments.

    Health benefits of oranges

    There are so many health benefits of eating oranges but I would be listing a few of them.

    1. It helps in constipation; Have you ever felt constipated? Yes! I have and I can tell you oranges work very effectively. So you don’t have to use drugs for everything, the next time you feel constipated drink some oranges.
    2. It reduces blood pressure; it I love fruits generally because they have so much health benefits. Oranges are known to contain potassium which helps in blood pressure management. For more information you can check https://www.livescience.com/45057-oranges-nutrition-facts.html
    3. It contains vitamin C.
    4. It contains vitamin A
    5. It reduces blood sugar level

    Facts about oranges

    Can we really talk about oranges without mentioning funfacts?

    Storing oranges

    Orange recipes

    1. Fruit salad
    2. Orange Juice
    3. Orange jam
    4. Orange marmalade
    5. Orange cake
    6. Orange cookies

    For more on the fruit Series check

    Fruits series#1 : you may want to learn about apple candies and everything related to apples

    Fruit series#2 : learn how to make banana pancakes and everything banana related

    Fruit Series#03 : learn how to make cucumber juice and lots more.

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