what is wanke ?

Wanke is a ghanian rice and beans.

Ingredients needed for wanke

  • Leaf of guinea corn. In my tribe its called kporo kporo baba leaf my mum says it’s the leaf that’s gotten from ogi baba plant. Anyway it’s pink/ wine in color. You can get this at a local market in Nigeria.
  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Onions to make your beans soften quicker
Kporokporo baba leaf


  1. Rinse your beans
  2. Place in a clean pot and add water to it
  3. Add some sliced onions
  4. Boil beans for fifteen to twenty minute
  5. Wash/ parboil rice. I don’t parboil mine but you can do that to yours
  6. Add the rice to the pot
  7. Rinse the leaf and add to the pot
  8. Add more water if it’s required or the water is small
  9. Boil for another fifteen to twenty minute.
  10. Check if the rice and beans are edible and very soft
  11. Mould to desired shape
  12. Serve with wanke stew or shitto stew.
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