The secret behind boiling an amazing chicken

If you have ever asked yourself how to make amazing chickens like those made by caterers them this post is meant for you as I would be sharing with you some secret to making amazing boiled chicken.


The art of making chicken that stands out from everyone’s own is something that has been passed down from generation to generations. Each generation has with time refined these recipe making it better and more delicious. 🤣🤣Okay let’s get to the point.

Boiled Chicken recipe Ingredients

  • ginger
  • garlic
  • onions
  • curry
  • thyme
  • magii
  • salt
  • of course the chicken😁😃.

Important tips you should know

The quantity of the magic depends on the quantity of chicken you have. I use two to three cubes normally but if you are cooking a very large quantity like I was today, 10cubes may be required. A pinch of salt should be added then if it needs more you can add more. I do this to prevent the food from becoming salty.

The most important thing is to taste before adding more salt..

Steps involved in boiling delicious chicken

  1. Rinse your chicken thrice in clean water
  2. Place the chicken in a pot, don’t add water yet
  3. Blend ginger, garlic, and onions using the minimum quantity of water to form a paste
    • If you don’t have a blender? Grate your ginger, garlic, and onions
  4. Pour mixture into the pot containing your chicken
  5. Add one or two teaspoons of curry
  6. Add one or two teaspoons of thyme
  7. Cut a few pieces of onions
  8. Add ½cup of water if it’s a small quantity if not make it 1cup
    • Make sure the water isn’t too much, it’s better to add water intermittently than for the water to be too much
  9. Cover the pot for 10minutes to let the ingredients be one with the chicken 😃
  10. Boil afterward for 25-30minutes
  11. Taste for salt and edibility
  12. Leave for 12minute
  13. Serve boiled or fried
  14. The liquid gotten after the pieces of chicken have been removed is your chicken stock
Rinse the chicken

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