Steps involved in knowing how to re-use zobo leaves a

Today’s post shall be focusing on how to re-use zobo leaves. Most times when we finish making our Zobo drink, we usually dispose of the leaves. This post is going to explain how you can use the leaves again instead of disposing them.

One of the qualities of a good cook is knowing how to manage resources available to him or her. He or she should be able to achieve great result at a cost that’s not too high to lead to bankruptcy.

Zobo is a drink that a lot of people take especially in Nigeria. Apart from the several advantages and health benefits it offers, it tastes very amazing when made right.

You can easily learn How to make Zobo drink in my previous post.

Awesome zobo drink

Have you ever asked yourself this question

Can I re-use my zobo leaves?”

Then this post is just for you. The answer to the question is yes and below are simple directions to follow if you want to re-use your zobo leaves.


  • Place the leaves in a sieve and squeeze out any water retained in them.
  • Place your zobo leaves/hibiscus leaves on a tray
  • Spread the leaves so that there’s space between them
  • Place the tray outside in the open for sun rays to heat them for 3hours. This should be done preferably in the afternoon
  • Using your hands, move the leaves around.
  • Leave the sun to reheat
  • When the leaves are dry, place in a container till when needed

If the instructions given are followed carefully, you can re-use your zobo leaves with ease.

Please note that the leaves should only be used once. As continuous reusing of the leaves won’t give you a fresh and delicious zobo. I would therefore advise that after reusing it once, you can dispose of it.

This process would give you another quantity of fresh zobo.

Click How to make Zobo drink to learn.

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