Rice and beans; Alas a sad ending

It was during the fasting period of ramadan, school was stressing me, I had to deal with practicals, series of tests and I had to wake up early. So to cope, I began making large portions of food which I ate for one and the half days. I did cook a very large pot of rice and stew and eat it to fast, break my fast and fast the next day then in the evening I would make something else.

So for that particular week, I decided to spice things up and go for delicious rice and beans with my favourite Cray fish stew . I broke my fast that night with it and had a large heaping twice. I then woke up the next morning to fast, warmed it and ate again.

Due to my voracious appetite and the tastiness of the meal, I had consumed a large portion and it was remaining a little portion that couldn’t fill my belly up when it was time to break my fast. So when I got back from school, quite late if I might add, I began cooking jollof spaghetti. While that was cooking, I decided to eat the leftover rice and beans which I hoped would tide me over, while my jollof spaghetti cooked.

Upon the completion of the spaghetti, I was too tired to eat anything and decided to take a nap. Alas! I was rudely awakened by the grumbling sound of my stomach and I wasted no time in dashing to the toilet. That was how my rice and beans hurdles began, I made several more trips to the toilet and combined it with vomitting as that night progressed. While I later received treatment and fully recovered, as I write to you my audience, the Rice and beans was a sad ending. The next morning, I cracked my brain several times wondering what I did wrong, lo and behold, in my haste to break my fast and abate the hunger, I had eaten the food without warming thereby inviting loads of bacteria.

I am sure at one stage or another of our lives, we might have been victims of this narrative, wether due to not properly warming the food as was in my case, or not washing our kitchen utensils right, or just overlooking simple hygienic measures you think are unnecessary. Well this is a gentle reminder that if you have found yourself in such a situation, you don’t need to feel you are the worst chef ever, you just have to be more cautious next time and not repeat the same mistake.

Here lies the the of my rice and beans adventure; alas it was a sad ending.

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