Kenwood Cake Mixer – 3L



Kenwood Electric Mixer with stand and rotating bowl with superb features that allows the best mixing,it is designed to make baking process very easy,it is ideal for home use and professional bakers.


Kenwood Stand Mixer HM430 will allow you mix ingredients together fast and with great ease. It comes with unique feature that will ensure you spend a little amount of time when you want to make pastries or when you want to bake cake. It is time saving, there will be no undue stress when mixing, whipping, kneading sauces and batter in this powerful electrical kitchen appliance. The rotating bowl is made from stainless steel material for strength and durability. The capacity of the bowl makes it very easy and convenient to handle a large quantity of mixture at a time……………..


The Kenwood Stand Mixer HM430 has a compact design and it features a hand mixer with stand and bowl. It comes in an attractive white colour and it will not eat up space in your kitchen. The beater of this mixer will help you mix your flour, egg, milk and other ingredients together well. It comes with different types of settings that will suit your baking needs. This mixer is powered by an efficient 250-watt motor, this will give it a lot of power to do more. The non-degradable stainless steel beaters and kneaders will be a perfect addition to your kitchen appliances. It is energy efficient and will not increase your power consumption.

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