Prawn crackers

Prawn crackers are edibles that are easy to snack on. They are also very easy to fry. I have very loving memories of my mum frying this delicacy for I and my siblings and how we used to enjoy it. So the day I went shopping and spotted it at a supermarket, I had to buy it. Many of us must have eaten this snack at one point in our lives mostly when growing up but how many of us know what makes up prawn crackers and how to fry it.

According to wikipedia these snacks are made majorly from starch and prawns. To make this snack, prawns are mixed with tapioca, flour and water. Anyway you don’t really need to know how to make this snack from scratch all you have to do is head over to any kiosk or supermarket around and buy some. It cost three hundred and twenty naira in Nigeria. However, the price may be differ depending on your location.

prawn crackers procedure

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Prawn crackers should be deep fried in my opinion

  1. place a pot on the fire

    wait for it to dry up

  2. pour oil into the pot/pan

    make the oil hot. To test this, place one prawn cracker into the oil and see if it fries.
    If it sinks and remains there for a while that means the oil isn’t hot enough. If they turn black or brown then the oil is too hot and you may want to reduce the heat or turn it off completely

  3. Add more prawn crackers and fry

    These snacks require little time to fry and should quickly be removed from the oil so it doesn’t burn.

  4. Place a tissue paper on a plate and place the fried prawn crackers on them

    the tissue paper is to absorb oil.

  5. Enjoy snacks with cold water or drink


  • Prawn crackers contain some amount of fat so eating some may add to your fat intake.
  • Prawns contain selenium and phosphorus
  • Prawn crackers contain at least 30% prawns
Coloured prawn crackers

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