perfect Irish potato chips for you

Irish potatoes chips are always so delicious to eat especially when they have a bit of salt. Some of us can pay so much money to buy Irish potatoes chips but you don’t have to do that. With this easy recipe you can make yours taste just awesome as the ones you buy.


  1. Irish potatoes: You could buy some from the store, those ones are already peeled or you can buy from the local markets. The ones sold in the local market are the unpeeled and raw ones. This recipe shall be focused on how to make potato crisp with the unpeeled/unprocessed ones.
  2. Salt: a teaspoon is enough. If you don’t have a teaspoon, you could just use half the spoon you use at home for eating.
  3. Water: Warm water is perfect. Not too cold and not too hot.

Equipments needed

  • sieve: this is to drain excess oil
  • Knife: to cut the potatoes
  • Tray/chopping board
  • Paper towels/ Tissue paper
  • Pot/ kettle: to boil your water until it’s warm enough
  • Frying pan/ deep fryer: to fry your potatoes
  • Potato cutter: also for cutting your potatoes. You could check this link for where to get it and price


  1. peel your potatoes
  2. Slice the potatoes in half
  3. Slice the half longitudinally into several thin slices
  4. Repeat step 1-3 till you have enough potatoe slices
  5. Boil 3 glass cups of water for 7minute or until the water is warm enough
  6. Place the sliced potatoes in a bowl and pour the warm water on it.
  7. Add your salt and cover the bowl for 5minute
  8. Drain the potato chips
  9. Place a dry pot/frying pan on the fire
    • Heat your pot if it’s wet to dry the water
  10. When you are sure your pot is dry, add your oil to the pot. This method of cooking is called deep frying so your oil would be a bit much
  11. Wait till the oil is moderately hot and place a slice of potato crisp in the oil.
  12. If the oil bubbles and the crisp turns brown then it’s hot enough and you can add the other crisp to it.
  13. Fry for few minutes then transfer fried chips to a seive.
  14. Serve with ketchup by the side or tomato sauce.
Perfect Irish potatoes chips
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