Natural colourings for food/cakes.

Food coloring are substances added to a food to change the colour of the food.

Uses of food colourings

Food coloring can be added to

  • cakes e.g our lovely rainbow cakes
  • icing sugar; Why settle for white plain cake? When you can have different delicious cake decorations at your disposal.
  • Fruit drinks: Sometimes to make your fruit drink look amazing you just need a drop of food coloring.
  • Water: You can tempt your kids into drinking more water by adding just a drop of yellow colouring, which makes it more fascinating.
  • Tea: We always love to drink strawberry tea, but to enhance the appearance of your tea, a drop of pink colour could go a long way.
  • Smoothies: You should be careful with smoothies so it doesn’t loose it’s look.

Reasons why we use food colorings

  • They beautify foods
  • They ehance the appearance of the food
  • They make your food stand out
  • They make foods look appetizing and mouth watering
  • They boost up sales; no one likes a full food

Sometimes we want to bake cake and we realize we don’t have the colour we desire. It may be that we lack a particular food coloring which would have beautified our cake. This could be very discouraging and may lead to us not making that cake or that food.

However, if you have a basic understanding about natural food coloring, you could just look around your kitchen and find foods you can use.

There are majorly two types of food coloring; the artificial ones and the natural ones

Artificial colorings are those manufactured by a company and it must have undergone some processing, some chemicals might have been added during this process and as such it’s not really recommended. The advantage of this artificial coloring is that it doesn’t require anything special and all you have to do is buy it.

What are natural food colorings?

Natural food colorings are those colorants that are gotten from natural foods in our house and they may be homemade or produced by companies. The difference however is that the companies making natural food colorants won’t add so much chemicals like the artificially made ones.

Anyway I am focusing on natural food colorings that are homemade.

Curry /tumeric: This gives beautiful yellow color and it’s very natural. A little bit of this turmeric when dissolved in water is enough. It should be noted that it stains surfaces and it may be difficult to wash away. So place your white napkins away from it.

Zobo leaves/hibiscus: This when dissolved in water produces an amazing purple colouration. It however doesn’t work effectively on cakes to be decorated but you could still try, I would love your feedback.

Red cabbages and baking soda: This would give you a very lovely blue color, boil your red cabbages for few minutes, add baking soda till you get your blue color. I don’t know about white cabbages but you could give it a try.

brown/blackcofee bean/ cocoa powder
greenspinach/ vegetables

A secret/ note; Though it is artificial, it’s still something found at home and as such you can use it. To decorate my sister’s birthday Cake, we used flavored drink satchets. They also have colours, they are sweet and taste lovely with icing sugar.

Natural color: tumeric
Photo by Marta Branco from Pexels
Red cabbages
Red cabbages
Photo credit Pixabay
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