My Cooking Stories; Introduction

As I sat down on my bed, I thought of ways to improve my blog and connect with my audience and just like that the thought for this segment which I would be starting today,was developed.

Just because we believe the best stories happen in the kitchen, we would love to tell ours

Rya’s kitchen

My Cooking Stories segments

This segment would be featuring different stories from Rya’s kitchen, it would include funny stories, kitchen disasters, amazing stories and I hope you enjoy the ride.

This segment was started as a way to bring Rya’s kitchen closer to you( my audience) who I am writing to. I realised that not even the best cook is above mistakes, sometimes things may horribly go wrong in the kitchen even when you follow the recipe to the latter, I also understand that sometimes you may just mix different things together and something amazing comes out of it, I therefore hope this segment would show you the behind the scenes of amazing recipes featured on Rya’s kitchen blog, I hope this segment would make you laugh or improve your day, I hope it would also inspire you to not give up in your cooking adventures and pursuits.

I would be dropping my own pen here so we can dive into the amazing stories I have to share.

Before you run off, I know you must be as excited as I am to read the first story in this segment, don’t forget to leave a comment, follow us on our various social media and subscribe to get latest recipes, cooking tips and stories we have for you. Lastly, new post from this segment comes out every Saturday so don’t miss it.

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Hello I look forward to having an amazing time with you


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