How to make delicious ghanaian kelewele at home

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How to select the right equipment for your kitchen

Selecting the right Kitchen equipment

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How to make vanilla flavored sponge cake


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How to make delicious fish rolls at home?

Fish roll dough

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How to make Pink brain cookies

Pink brain cookies

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How to make homemade Chin chin?

Homemade Chin chin

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What’s the difference between soup and stew?

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Oranges|fruit Series

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Wanke stew


Wanke is a ghanian delicacy made with guinea corn leaves, rice and beans. To enjoy this perfect delicacy, wanke stew or shitto stew can be used. Though this delicacy has it’s specific recipe, you can still enjoy it with whatever stew you have at home. Ingredients Tomatoes Scotch bonnet pepper/ata rodo Onions Ginger and garlic … Read more

Reasons why you need a recipe book?

Rya’s kitchen specializes in making your cooking experience and skills better. One of the ways we can achieve this is by giving you cooking tips, recipes and pointing you in the right direction. Sometimes we also advertise kitchen wares for konga and we get a small commission from it. So the next time you need … Read more

Amateurs cooking steps

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How to make puff puff.

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Frying fish the amateur’s way


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How to make Zobo drink

Awesome zobo drink

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what is wanke ? Wanke is a ghanian rice and beans. Ingredients needed for wanke Leaf of guinea corn. In my tribe its called kporo kporo baba leaf my mum says it’s the leaf that’s gotten from ogi baba plant. Anyway it’s pink/ wine in color. You can get this at a local market in … Read more

Crayfish stew

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How to make ofada stew

Learning how to make ofada stew is very easy especially if you already know How to cook ofada rice .Ofada stew is a local Nigerian stew made with offals majorly. Ingredients required The ingredients required includes: Offals: Offals are edible internal organs of animal that are well seasoned and enjoyed in pepper soup or ofada … Read more

How to cook ofada rice

Ofada rice is native rice made mostly in Ogun state. It was named after a town called ofada in Ogun state, Nigeria. It’s unpolished rice and as such as a great potential to be dirty. It is a delicious meal and it’s one of my favorite meals especially when served with a special stew: ofada … Read more

Moimoi recipe

Steamed moimoi

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Fruit Series#03


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Yam balls

Who doesn’t like yam balls especially if it has just a tiny bit of peppery effect in your mouth. The good part is it’s very easy to make with very little ingredients you can get at home. Ingredients Yam ( Boiled) Dried ground pepper/ ata gigun for the yorubas Jollof seasoning ( you need just … Read more

Watermelon juice


All you need to make an amazing watermelon juice is right here in this post. Follow me on this amazing adventure as we learn how to make watermelon juice. Firstly, what is the difference between juice and smoothie. Smoothie has the shaft/ fiber/residue in it but juice doesn’t contain the above mentioned stuff. When making … Read more



Ikokore is a yam porridgde made from water yam. It is common to the ijebu tribe in Nigeria. I remember my dad used to sing “if you marry ijebu woman you just give her ikokore, if you marry ekiti woman you must give her pounded yam”. Anyway it was just a song that I remembered… … Read more

Fruit series#2

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Prawn crackers

Prawn crackers are edibles that are easy to snack on. They are also very easy to fry. I have very loving memories of my mum frying this delicacy for I and my siblings and how we used to enjoy it. So the day I went shopping and spotted it at a supermarket, I had to … Read more

Yam pottage recipe

Yam pottage is commonly known as Asaro. It’s a food common to the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria and it’s most often referred to as yam porridge by some people.

Several ways can be employed in making yam porridge.

However , I would be teaching you just one method which is how I make my yam pottage/ porridge.

Yam Pottage Ingredients

  • Yam
  • Groundnut oil
  • Crayfish/smoked fish/ sardine
  • Rodo/scotch bonnet pepper
  • Onions
  • Magii and salt


  1. Pour some water in a pot
  2. Peel your tuber of yam and slice few pieces of yam
  3. Make sure the yam slices are in small cubes
  4. Then rinse in clean water twice and place a pot on the stove/ burner.
  5. Add your rinsed slices of yam and water
  6. Afterward, slice a few pieces of onions into it but please Don’t add salt
  7. Add more water if required then Boil for 15minute and check if it’s soft.
    • if it’s hard and not edible boil for few more minutes until it is.
  8. Sieve most of the water and pound the yam slices
  9. Add one sachet of tomato paste, two cubes of magii and a pinch of salt
  10. Slice the scotch bonnet pepper and add it
  11. Enrich the food by adding some smoked fish/ crayfish/sardine/ Titus fish
  12. Put In one kitchen spoon of groundnut oil
  13. Add half cup of water
  14. stir and boil for five minute
  15. serve hot with a glass of cold water

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Doughnut recipe


I love doughnuts because they taste extremely delicious. Three types of doughnuts can be made: Plain doughnut: plenty of sugar is added when making this doughnut and They are eaten plainly Sugary doughnuts; These doughnuts are made with little sugar but after frying, a large quantity of sugar is then sprinkled on it. Jam doughnuts: … Read more