How to make your cooking experience fun?

One major problem you might have is that you don’t find cooking fun. It’s just a task you have to get through for you to eat. Have you found yourself just going through the process of cooking unenthusiastically? Have you found your kitchen boring and the last place you want to be? Then read on … Read more

My Cooking Stories; Introduction

As I sat down on my bed, I thought of ways to improve my blog and connect with my audience and just like that the thought for this segment which I would be starting today,was developed. Just because we believe the best stories happen in the kitchen, we would love to tell ours Rya’s kitchen … Read more

Five tips you should know about eggs.

Knowing some of these tips can save you a lot of stress web dealing with eggs.
This post focuses on five tips which includes
-How to know when your eggs are fresh
-How to store your eggs
-How to prevent your eggs from cracking while boiling
-What to do when your egg is half boiled
-What to do with leftover egg wash and egg yolks

The best Yammarita stew and how to make it.

In our awesome Yammarita recipe, we talked about how to make delicious and awesome Yammaritas for yourself and your loved ones. We also talked about how amazing it would be to eat your Yammarita with a sauce tailored for it. This post explains how to do that, so let’s get started.

How to make delicious ghanaian kelewele at home

Kelewele is a ghanaian meal that is made from plantain, ginger, onions and peppers. It’s a very easy to make meal, fast cooking and mouthwatering to eat. Introduction Coming from a ghanaian dad, I always hear my dad talk about some delicious meals he was used to while growing up. When he talks, you see … Read more

How to select the right equipment for your kitchen

Selecting the right Kitchen equipment

Do you want to buy some new Kitchen equipment but you can’t seem to decide which to get? This post describes factors to consider when selecting Kitchen equipment and I am sure it would help you make the right choice. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you enjoy this post. Introduction Last week Thursday, … Read more

How to make vanilla flavored sponge cake


Introduction: Sponge cakes are delicious deserts that are served after meals. Basically sponge cake is a cake without butter. It’s however an oil-based cake. The oil can be said to replace the butter. Let’s tell a bit of a story before we proceed to making sponge cakes. Story I have always been hearing about sponge … Read more

How to make delicious fish rolls at home?

Fish roll dough

If you love buying and eating fish rolls then it’s good to know how to make delicious fish rolls at home. With easy steps like these you have all you need to make yours. There was this very delicious fish rolls I used to enjoy eating in school. However the woman stopped coming to school … Read more

How to make Pink brain cookies

Pink brain cookies

There’s a very funny story behind this recipe I am about to share. You may be wondering why this recipe is called pink brain cookies . Okay let me get to the story. If you are in a hurry please use the table of content to scroll down to the recipe, thank you. Inspiration for … Read more

How to make homemade Chin chin?

Homemade Chin chin

I love everything homemade because you make them right at home and you save cost. I would be teaching you how to make homemade Chin chin. I am sure you would enjoy reading and trying it out. Ingredients needed for home made chin chin 1000grams of flour 150grams of butter 200grams of sugar 250mls of … Read more

What’s the difference between soup and stew?

I am sure at one time or another you must have asked what’s the difference between soup and stew? Soups and stews are quite similar and it can be confusing. I mean they are liquid right? Some of them even have the same ingredients. So what’s the difference between soup and stew? The consistency: Soups … Read more

Oranges|fruit Series

Dear readers, it’s been very long since I posted anything on the fruit Series 😪. I have been procrastinating a lot but today I have decided to let go of all that and write. What are oranges? Well oranges are fruits. They have peels and an edible part that can be eaten. Do you love … Read more

Wanke stew


Wanke is a ghanian delicacy made with guinea corn leaves, rice and beans. To enjoy this perfect delicacy, wanke stew or shitto stew can be used. Though this delicacy has it’s specific recipe, you can still enjoy it with whatever stew you have at home. Ingredients Tomatoes Scotch bonnet pepper/ata rodo Onions Ginger and garlic … Read more

Reasons why you need a recipe book?

Rya’s kitchen specializes in making your cooking experience and skills better. One of the ways we can achieve this is by giving you cooking tips, recipes and pointing you in the right direction. Sometimes we also advertise kitchen wares for konga and we get a small commission from it. So the next time you need … Read more

Amateurs cooking steps

Dear readers, Have u ever loved eating a food or something and u feel like trying to recreate or make it? or maybe u are like me just an amateur, who loves trying out different experiments and seeing how it turns out, well u are in luck because i am here to give you a … Read more

How to make puff puff.

#special request: Do you have a post you would really want me to publish? Well what are you waiting for? Ask and it shall be added to the list and it would get published. All you have to do is email me, Send me a message on WhatsApp using my contact details or leave … Read more

Classic Pancake recipe

Pancake is a delightful treat that is very delicious to consume just like apple pies. Pancakes can be eaten as breakfast or as a desert and it can be enjoyed with syrup, honey or strawberry jam.

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Pancake recipe ingredients

  • Flour
  • Milk
  • eggs
  • sugar
  • flavour such as strawberry flavor.


  1. Firstly, Mix dry ingredients
    • ( milk, flour and sugar) together in a bowl
  2. Secondly, whisk your eggs to trap air.
  3. Add a drop of strawberry flavour or vanilla flavour to the whisked eggs (optional)
  4. Thirdly, mix both dry ingredients and the whisked egg.
  5. Fourthly, fry your ingredients
    • using few drops of oil, grease your frying pan
    • Then Pour ingredient into the oiled pan
    • Finally, Fry both sides
Pancake mixture
consistency for your pancakes
Pancakes with jam
pancakes with strawberry jam

Read more

Frying fish the amateur’s way


Have you ever been scared of hot oil splashing on you while frying fish? Have you ever tried frying fish and it keeps scattering? Then you are in the right place and don’t need to worry. I have got the perfect trick for you Ingredients; The fish, flour, oil and a pinch of salt Equipment; … Read more

How to make Zobo drink

Awesome zobo drink

Zobo is a local drink gotten from the hibiscus leaves. It can be made with the use of few ingredients that can be gotten in your locality. Zobo drink has so many uses among which I shall be listing briefly. I shall also talk about how to make zobo drink using few easy steps. USES … Read more



what is wanke ? Wanke is a ghanian rice and beans. Ingredients needed for wanke Leaf of guinea corn. In my tribe its called kporo kporo baba leaf my mum says it’s the leaf that’s gotten from ogi baba plant. Anyway it’s pink/ wine in color. You can get this at a local market in … Read more

Crayfish stew

Learning how to make crayfish stew is very easy with this recipe. I have tried to make it as easy as possible and I am sure you would get a very good result. Crayfish stew is best served with rice and beans. Ingredients Crayfish Tomato paste Onions Magii Pepper Jollof seasoning/ curry Steps Heat your … Read more

How to make ofada stew

Learning how to make ofada stew is very easy especially if you already know How to cook ofada rice .Ofada stew is a local Nigerian stew made with offals majorly. Ingredients required The ingredients required includes: Offals: Offals are edible internal organs of animal that are well seasoned and enjoyed in pepper soup or ofada … Read more

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