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Hi everyone reading this, I am posting this as a way of introduction though it’s coming quite late. I feel it would be nice for you to get to know me since you have been reading my post and would be reading more posts to come. I feel more comfortable asking myself questions and answering them so here we go…

What’s my name?

My name is Maryam and my Nick name is RYA that’s how I got the name Rya’s kitchen. Rya is gotten from Maryam and I think it’s cool actually.

I am a student studying veterinary medicine in Nigeria

What do I like doing? I love cooking and writing stories that float around in my head. I like trying new things too and I derive joy from it. I love reading novels especially crime and romantic novels 😁

Have u always liked cooking?

Honestly I at first hated cooking and entering the kitchen because it felt stressful to me but then I entered the university and realised I had to cook and eat by myself wether I liked it or not, so I had no choice but to develop an interest in cooking and now I enjoy it.

Does it mean you didn’t know how to cook before you entered uni?

Well I knew how to cook basic foods like rice but I wasn’t fascinated by the kitchen.

Are u a Master chef?

No! I learn everyday and I believe no one can be a master. There should always be room for improvement and we learn new things each day.

Why did u start a blog?

I have always wanted to have a blog for a while and I love sharing my recipes with everyone. I also want an avenue to share my stories with people without any constrain and freely and I believe a blog is a perfect place for that.

Why am I here?

I am here because I want to give amateurs or people with very little cooking experience the opportunity to build their skills, I want to give people the opportunity to learn new cooking things…you may know how to cook a dish but there may be a missing ingredient, there may be something you didn’t know you could add to your meal and by reading my recipes you may discover what it is.

Do you enjoy what you do?

Yes I do

Okay I think you have gotten to know me, I would like to know you too. You could ask me questions by leaving a comment and I would be sure to reply.

A question for the audience: Between Rya’s kitchen and stories and Rya’s kitchen and books which is better?

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