How to select the right equipment for your kitchen

Do you want to buy some new Kitchen equipment but you can’t seem to decide which to get? This post describes factors to consider when selecting Kitchen equipment and I am sure it would help you make the right choice. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you enjoy this post.


Last week Thursday, I was working on a new cookie recipe with a a scarlett hand mixer I bought recently. Using it was so wonderful and easy, I didn’t have to stress myself beating the butter by hands or mixing the dough like I used to do before. I however realised that, if I hadn’t purchased the right hand mixer, I might have had several issues.

Though, lots of things are required to achieve a perfect recipe, there are three most important things that I would be sharing in my next post. So do look out for it by checking your mail and if you haven’t signed up yet just sign up below.

What are Kitchen equipment?

Kitchen equipment are items used in the kitchen used to enhance our kitchen experience. If you have a kitchen, you definitely need to have a kitchen equipment. That brings us to our topic how to select the right Kitchen equipment for your kitchen?

How to select the right Kitchen equipment for your kitchen?

Let’s say you are a bachelor or a spinster or a teenager going to uni for the first time or someone just moving to a new home. Let’s say you don’t have any Kitchen equipment and you desperately need to get some. How do you decide what to buy?

There are few factors I would be sharing today that talks about how to select the right Kitchen equipment. In some of our next posts we shall consider 10 important Kitchen equipment everyone needs, arranging your kitchen among others. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on these awesome tips I would be sharing.

Factors to consider when selecting the right kitchen equipment?

  1. Durability : The durability of the item you want to buy should be one of the first things you want to consider.
    • How durable is it?
    • Would it stand the test of time?
    • Would it wear out quickly?
    • Is it reusable or after one use it’s finished?
    • Can the manufacturing company be trusted?
    • These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before you buy that item.
  2. Usefulness of the item/equipment : Don’t buy equipment because you think it would look fancy in your kitchen. First buy equipment that are useful to you before buying decorations.
  3. The name of the manufacturing company the equipment was produced in : Most times some companies are known for what they produce. Their products fan he relied on and can be deemed trustworthy. Buying products from this companies can to an extent guarantee the product lasting longer than unknown products. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to try out new products once in a while, but items like pots, dishwashers and stuffs that you use almost everyday should be gotten from reliable companies.
  4. Affordability: The affordability of a product is very important too. Products like kenwood, though trustworthy may be on the expensive side. If you are just starting out, you don’t want to spend all your money on one item.
    • Can I afford it?
    • Would I be able to buy other items after buying that?
    • Would I become broke with no penny?
    • Is it costly or cheap? Note that while I would advise you to get cheap things you should beware of extremely/too cheap things. This is because too cheap products may be fake and may spoil quickly.
  5. Can you use it? This is a question most overly excited chefs may not consider or ask themselves. It’s however very important you ask yourself.
    • You don’t want to buy something with so much manual you become lost at sea.
    • You need something you can use not something that would just lay in the house after one exasperating use.
  6. Space of your kitchen in relation to the equipment that’s been bought?
    • Is your kitchen small?
    • Is the equipment too big?
    • Would there still be space for other items?
    • The fact that you need an oven doesn’t mean you should get an industrial oven that’s too big for your small cute kitchen.
  7. Reason for your purchase? We all have different reasons for getting different items.
    • It may be because you want it to satisfy a particular function in the kitchen. For instance; a dishwasher serving the function of washing dishes.
    • It may be because the previous item isn’t working the way you want it to work. The equipment may be old, may be burning foods .
    • It may be because you started a cake business and you need a bigger oven to meet your demands.
    • Whatever reason you have for deciding to buy an equipment,has to be considered before you pay for it.
  8. Weight : is it heavy or light? Heavy objects may require assistance in carrying. That means in future, if you decide to re-arrange your kitchen you may need assistance to move the item. Light objects can be carried around easily but may get lost easily too.
  9. Quantity of occupants in the apartment: The size of pot you would buy if it’s just you that cooks and eats would be different from the size you would buy if you have a family of 10.

I hope some of these factors would help you when next you want to purchase a kitchen item . For some of our other cooking tips click on these links below to read:

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