How to make your cooking experience fun?

One major problem you might have is that you don’t find cooking fun. It’s just a task you have to get through for you to eat. Have you found yourself just going through the process of cooking unenthusiastically? Have you found your kitchen boring and the last place you want to be? Then read on to find out reasons why cooking is boring to you and how to make your cooking experience fun.

Please note that to make your cooking journey fun in the long run, you have to be consistent, determined and above all avoid procastination. It may not seem like much now but in the long run , you would find out that anytime you think of cooking, you begin to smile and actually enjoy the art of cooking. You would begin to find out that the taste of the food your cool begins to taste unique, delicious and better than that cooked in a rush. So let’s dive in

What’s Cooking?

To me, cooking is an art of putting together various ingredients using different methods in order to create a unique dish. It involves all the necessary steps needed to produce a delicious and delightable meal.

Great now that we know what cooking is, how do we make it fun?

Make your cooking environment appealing to the eyes:

What do I mean? Have you ever entered a kitchen and everywhere looks scattered, you can’t seem to find the things you need, there’s a pile of dirty dishes almost reaching the ceiling, pots are littered on the floor, the trash hasn’t been emptyed in weeks.

Question: Would you like to cook in such a kitchen? I won’t like to cook in such a kitchen, I would be put off and prefer not to cook at all.

This just emphasizes my point about making your cooking environment appealing. How do you make your cooking environment appealing?

  • Arrange all kitchen equipments in an orderly manner but don’t just stop there. Make sure the way the equipment are arranged is in a way that when you need something you don’t have to scatter the whole kitchen looking for an item.
    • Place kitchen pots where you can easily reach for them,
    • Place kitchen sponges by the sink
    • Place trash in an easy to reach location,where you can easily dispose kitchen wastes into them easily.
  • Avoid piling up dishes: Dish piling is something that you can easily get used to. As you are cooking you just add that one more plate to the sink and tell yourself you would wash it afterwards. But then you finish cooking and you become too tired to wash the plates. Then you tell yourself I would wash it after I rest. Or maybe by the time the food is ready you are too hungry that you can’t wait to wash the plates before eating. Then the plate accumulation begins. You finish eating then add that dirty dish to the pile with the excuse that you would wash it once the food digest. Dish piling is bad because it discourages you the next time you want to cook. You know you have to first wash those dishes before you can cook and then you become annoyed with yourself. Are you wondering how you can stop piling dishes up?
    • Wash as you use. In the ratatouille cartoon which happens to be my favourite cooking cartoon so far, you have to wash the plates as you use them. Your cooking top must not be dirty or littered with plates, that way by the time you finish cooking your sink would be clean. For everything you use, wash it. During my catering practicals in school, one of the things that made you loose marks was having a dirty work table and dirty dishes.
    • Wash your plate immediately after you finish eating.

Cook When it’s most convenient for you

Cooking just because you have to has a way of ruining your mood. You are not enthusiastic about cooking, you are just going through the process boringly. I would therefore advise that you cook when it’s most convenient for you.

  • Know the best time that’s most convenient for you to cook. Do you love cooking in the morning? Do you prefer cooking before coming back from work?
  • Know your mood and how it affects your cooking. Some people find solace in cooking, when they are in a bad mood, when they cook it cheers them up, while for some other people, cooking when they are angry makes them produce the worst meal ever. Knowing your mood and how it affects cooking is important. For those that when they are angry they may end up cooking something distasteful, they should stay away from the kitchen while they are still angry.
  • Know what affects you: some people including myself hate cooking without light, for those kind of people, I would advise you to cook during the day before it gets late into the night especially if you are a Nigerian and has to deal with the irregularities in power supply.

Cooks meals that fascinates you

Cooking is an art, it is similar to the way that putting elements together to make a graphics design look appealing to the eyes. Or the way the painter mixes colours to create a beautiful scenario. The process of cooking should fascinate you and that’s when the fun comes in and you begin to enjoy what you are doing. I love cooking some certain meals than others, I love picturing the way the food would end up looking, I love thinking about what goes perfectly with what and that’s why cooking to me is fun.

  • Picture what you want to cook, how do you want it to look like, how would it taste, what goes with what, then begin to work. You would become fascinated by the whole process.
  • Cook meals you enjoy cooking, you aren’t a fan of amala yet everyday you cook it, there’s no point in doing that. While I am asking you to stick with what you love cooking, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t venture or explore something new. But make sure you are fascinated by it for you to enjoy cooking it and have fun.

Bring your enthusiasm to the kitchen

I can provide you with all the best advice in the world but you need to bring some enthusiasm too. Imagine yourself eating it and how you would enjoy the meal, how would you feel if you were eating the most amazing meal in the world. Then cook it and trust me you won’t only have an amazing experience but you would also end up cooking the best meal in the world.

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