How to make ofada stew

Learning how to make ofada stew is very easy especially if you already know How to cook ofada rice .Ofada stew is a local Nigerian stew made with offals majorly.

Ingredients required

The ingredients required includes:

  1. Offals: Offals are edible internal organs of animal that are well seasoned and enjoyed in pepper soup or ofada stew. You can slice the offals into small chunks.
  2. Pepper: The pepper for this soup shouldn’t be smooth. It can be blended once to get that rough effect
  3. Palm oil: Your palm oil needs to be bleached. To do this, your have to heat your palm oil for a very long time. This method is actually a bit dangerous but be rest assured, all you have to do is place a whole ball of onions inside the palm oil.
    • After bleaching the palm oil, take out the blackened onions and follow the recipe.
    • A better way to bleach your palm oil is to firstly heat it for 6 minute, then you rest it for 6 minute and bleach again. That way your house doesn’t appear smoky.
  4. Magii and Salt: This depends on the quantity of pepper used. You should start with two cubes, taste then add more if need be.
  5. Iru: This is known as locust beans. It should be rinsed with water.
Blended pepper for ofada stew

Steps to follow when Cooking ofada stew

  1. Bleach your palm oil
  2. Fry your offals for 10minute
  3. While your offals are frying, blend the pepper
  4. Using a spoon scoop the offals into a plate
  5. Pour the blended pepper into the pot
  6. Rinse your locust beans/ iru
  7. Add it to the pot
  8. Boil for 15minute
  9. Add the fried offals
  10. Add two cubes of magii and a pinch of salt
  11. Serve with ofada rice and Watermelon juice
Ofada stew

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