How to make homemade Chin chin?

I love everything homemade because you make them right at home and you save cost. I would be teaching you how to make homemade Chin chin. I am sure you would enjoy reading and trying it out.

Ingredients needed for home made chin chin

  • 1000grams of flour
  • 150grams of butter
  • 200grams of sugar
  • 250mls of water
  • one large egg
  • one teaspoon of baking soda
  • two teaspoon of nutmeg

Steps on how to make chin chin

  1. Mis en place: this means you should assemble all your ingredients on you work table.
  2. A work table is where you work basically.
  3. Get a large bowl: when I say get. Large bowl don’t get the one u use to wash clothes o🤣.
    • I just mean a bowl large enough for your ingredients.
  4. measure and sieve your flour
    • Sieving is very important because you don’t want to have lumps in your mixture.
    • Measure and add your butter
  5. Rubbing-in: this just means rubbing your mixture to form a bread crumb appearance. I don’t mean add bread crumbs🤣.
  6. Add your nutmeg. If it’s the hard one you are using not the powder. Grate half of it.
  7. Add your baking soda
  8. Add your sugar
  9. mix well
  10. Make a well in the center
  11. Whisk your egg in a separate bowl
  12. Add your egg
  13. Add you water: I would advise you to add it little by little. You don’t want your mixture to be watery neither do you want it to be too hard
  14. Knead : this just involves you massaging the dough. PS I punch mine sometimes🙈🙈
  15. Rest your dough: you have finished stressing your dough. Great! It’s time you let it rest for like 1hr or 30minute
  16. Sprinkle flour on a flat surface/tray/work table.
  17. You do that your so the dough doesn’t stick to the table
  18. cut some of your dough
  19. Sprinkle flour on your rolling pin/bottle
  20. Roll till it’s flat
  21. Cut

Frying time

  • Heat your oil
  • Drop three chin chins in it
  • Watch to see if it turns very brown quickly , does it become black?, Does it take too long to become brown?
  • If it’s too black then d oil is too hot
  • Taking too long to get brown then it’s not hot enough


Proccess involved in Chin chin
Sprinkle flour on your chopping board or flat surface
Chin chin dough
Cut a small portion of your dough
Steps on how to make Chin chin
Chopping your Chin chin dough
Homemade Chin chin
Home made chin chin

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