How to make awesome Yammarita(Guest post)

I am super excited to have a guest writer for today’s post. She asks for anonymity so her name won’t be mentioned but she hopes you would enjoy this recipe. Over to her:

The story behind making Yammarita was an emotional One for me. But before we get into the nitty gritty details, What is Yammarita?

Yammarita simple involves fried yam dipped inside eggs as coating. It can be served with fish sauce or with dried people.

The story behind it;

I and my boyfriend had just finished classes that particular day and were extremely tired to start cooking anything. As we were thinking of what to eat, he describeds this awesome Yammarita joint where we could buy some Yammaritas and have it for dinner. I wasn’t really someone that bought food from outside, I was always cooking my food or eating whatever my mum made at home. So you can tell I was a bit curious and cautious of course. We bought some of this Yammarita with lots of pepper and I had so much fun eating it. As the Mallam was packing it that day, I kept staring at the way the Yam looked and I just couldn’t help saying I could make this. It was very funny because it wasn’t something I had tried before but merely looking at it, I could guess the process.

I didn’t have any opportunity of putting my experiment to work until later on. I was supposed to be hurrying to class, but here I was trying out my experiment. So much fun for me as I kept frying and frying. I finally got to class and was super excited to display my good work. One thing I loved about my boyfriend was the way he always enjoyed my food. He was so amazed and was like wow you got this perfectly which just made me blush. Looking for something you and that special someone could cook? Look no more, as you can try this Yammarita that brings closeness and love as you make them.

How to make awesome Yammarita

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Yammarita simply involves fried yam coated with eggs.


  • A tuber of Yam

  • 4 Large Eggs

  • Dried Pepper

  • Ground nut oil

  • Water

  • 2cubes of Maggi

  • A pinch of Salt


  • Boil your Yam with a little salt, don’t make the yam too soft though
  • Sieve out the water from the yam and leave to drain
  • whisk your eggs
  • Add two cube of Maggi to four large eggs
  • Whisk well to incorporate the magii in it
  • Pour a large quantity of oil in your frying pan, it’s deep frying so the oil has to be much
  • Dip your boiled drained Yam in whisked seasoned eggs to coat it
  • Place the coated yam in the hot oil gently and fry till it’s light brown.
  • Repeat the process until all slices of yam have been fried
  • Serve with a side dish of dried pepper or the best Yammarita stew .
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