How to get rid of fishy taste from cooking oil?

Do you know how to get rid of fishy taste from oil?

How to get rid of fishy taste from cooking oil

Did you say no? Then this post is just perfect for you. We all know at some point we have to fry fish, ram, goat meat and so on. We also know deep frying consumes so much oil right? Now after frying we won’t like to pour that oil away. Sadly, the taste of fish, ram and goat meat still lingers in the oil. Such that when you fry any other food with that oil it basically sucks. Did you nod? I did too.

What’s the best thing to do you may say? Of course we can’t dispose of the oil right? That’s wastage! well there are few things you can do with that oil so it doesn’t end up in the dustbin.

Get rid of fishy taste from cooking oil.

  1. Do you have some ginger? Okay here’s a perfect trick for you if you have some ginger laying around. Heat you oil for five minutes, slice some ginger into five pieces, drop into oil and let it fry for 15minute. You shall be surprised that the taste would disappear.
  2. Sieve your oil; another way can be through sieving but I personally won’t recommend this method.

Other uses of fish oil

You have finished frying that fish and you don’t want to pour it down the sink. You are standing in the kichen thinking what to do?

  • Firstly, get an empty bottle or storage plastic
  • Allow your oil to cool down, this is very important because hot oil can disfigure your plastic by melting or shrinking it in size. It may also cause damages that you aren’t prepared for. So the best thing, cool the oil till you can touch the outer surface of the pot without it hurting you. This usually takes 15 to 20minute.
  • Pour your oil into the plastic and use to fry other fish related items later on. One thing about oil is it rarely spoils. If you cover the storage container tightly, you won’t have any problem.
  • Add some ginger slices and fry non-related fish items like doughnuts, chinchin
  • Deep fry items like potatoes, Plantain
Storing cooking oil
pour used oil in a containerfor later use


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Q: How do u remove fishy taste from your oil?

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