How to cook ofada rice

Ofada rice is native rice made mostly in Ogun state. It was named after a town called ofada in Ogun state, Nigeria. It’s unpolished rice and as such as a great potential to be dirty. It is a delicious meal and it’s one of my favorite meals especially when served with a special stew: ofada stew, iru stew, or ayamashe stew. This post shall however be focused on how to cook ofada rice without stones.

The major problems most cooks or anyone, in general, have with ofada rice are the stones present in them. The fact that the rice is unpolished, means that they haven’t gone through processing and therefore contain stones.

It should however be noted that some of the rice purchased from supermarkets has been de-stoned especially if it’s purchased in a carton. The quantity of this rice is always small most times. If you are cooking for large guests, it’s, therefore, preferable to buy the ones from the market and pick them.

Learn how to make ofada stew

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Steps in Cooking Ofada Rice

Cup of ofada rice
  1. Pick out stones from the rice; this is a bit difficult but you can squint your eyes and look to see if would notice any stones
  2. Rinse your rice; To do this,
    • pour rice into a pot
    • Add a tablespoon of salt, this makes any stone or sand settle to the bottom.
    • pour plenty of water in the pot
    • Rub the rice between your hands as if you are washing.
    • Use your hands to pack the rice into a clean pot.
    • Make sure you don’t pack the bottom.
    • To properly understand this you could watch a video by clicking here
  3. Repeat step 2 thrice
  4. Pour Two cups of water into a pot and add rinsed rice to it
  5. Boil for 15min
  6. Drain the water from the pot by tilting the pot to one side and letting the water to flow out
  7. Add two to three glasses of water
  8. Add some salt
  9. Boil, check to see if it’s soft and edible
  10. If there’s still water, sieve
  11. Serve with ofada stew and Ginger drink
Ofada rice in a pot
Cooked ofada rice with stew
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