Fried spaghetti; Did the salt go on vacation?

I had just come back from home and was back to cooking on my own in school. One issue I usually dealt with when I got back from home was getting the right quantity of food only me could eat.

For the first one week after I get back to school, I either cook too much because I am used to cooking for a lot of people at home, or I cook too little because I try to not cook too much.

However it was different this time around because I was experiencing a whole different issue from what I was used to.

This was strange to me because I rarely had issues with salting my foods. I used to joke that my ancestors always directed me and they never lead me astray. It’s always like having someone over your shoulder telling you “That’s enough my daughter”. Before you think I need to get my head checked, that was just a joke, I did run if I heard a voice say something like that…

Okay back to the story, the first time I experienced this issue was when I was cooking fried spaghetti for a friend. When I want to impress, fried spaghetti is sometimes my choice of dish to present and I had started preparing it.

I finished cooking this amazing dish and lo and behold, it was almost tasteless. I stood there in the kitchen, spoon in one hand paralysed with shock. Sadly, my friend was going to burst into the kitchen in minutes wondering what was taking me so long in serving the meal.

Quickly, my brain went into action, I added a cube of Magi, a pinch of salt and sprinkled some water. I then stirred carefully to allow the salt go round, and then switched on the gas at the lowest heat.

While the food simmered, I went into the room to keep my friend occupied and also to distract her from asking any questions regarding the dish.

After few minutes, I served the gorgeous and delicious fried spaghetti and we all enjoyed it. The puzzle in mind was still how I managed to under salt the food in the first place but that’s a story for another day.

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1 thought on “Fried spaghetti; Did the salt go on vacation?”

  1. You most have under salted the Spaghetti because you were so cautious of the salt. It is better less than more.

    Nice story👍🏼👍🏼


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