Fried rice amateurs recipe

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Have you ever wanted to impress someone, do you have friends coming over and you just want to show what an amazing cook you are?

Are you inviting your fiancee or fiance, boy friend or girlfriend to your place for the first time and you just want to make sure everything is perfect and elegant.

I have got the perfect recipe for you. Fried rice is one of the most elegant food I know and love because it’s beautiful, it stands out and looks elegant on a plate. Even if u don’t have much money, don’t worry you can still impress your friends, families and spouses. I would be sharing with you one of the cheapest method of cooking fried rice that even amateurs can make.


Carrots( carrot is very important in making fried rice because it brings out a unique colour)

Rice ( of course u need rice before you can contemplate making fried rice)

Green peas( you need very little of this especially if u aren’t a green peas lover, you can buy from the mallams though theirs are very hard but they are cheaper and still give unique results.) Do u have a can of green peas in your kitchen? Don’t worry u can use that too.

Green pepper ( this is also adding to the green color of the rice, two large bell peppers is enough or three small ones)

Red pepper ( In Nigeria u can either use rodo or tatashe, they would give u different results of course but they would give the red color in the food). You need very little of this though, maybe 3pieces for the tatashe or 4pieces for the rodo.


Onions( for the onion lovers you can use a whole bulb if u want, and for the non-onion lovers half onions would give you the same effect)

Curry( this is very effective in making an amazing fried rice, especially if u don’t have much money to buy chicken or you don’t have chicken stock)

Salt ,magii,Fish or meat (optional)


1 per boil your rice; per boiling your fried rice is one of the ways of achieving an amazing fried rice, this can be done for 4-5min. Per boiling simply means pour rice and water in a pot and bringing it to boil for 5min, this helps remove the starch

2 Seive out the water, rinse twice or thrice and boil again this time adding just a pinch of salt. Make sure the quantity of water isn’t much. Fried rice unlike jollof rice must not be too soft or you won’t achieve a very amazing result

3 while your rice is boiling, chop your ingredients into small pieces at different sides of your plates.

4 Check the rice you are cooking, if it’s reasonably soft( that is it’s something you can chew) , seive the rice and let it cool.

5 place a clean pot on the fire that’s large enough to contain the rice and give room for stiring

6 Pour a little quantity of oil in the pot( too much oil would make it too oily and too little oil would make it burn. To estimate the quantity of oil without accurate measurements, make the oil to be half the quantity of the sliced ingredients you would be adding to it.

7 When the oil is hot, pour the ingredients into it, in this order;

Carrots( it should be the first to go into the pot because it’s hard and takes a while to become soft)

Green peas ( please note, this is if the green peas is hard, mallams green peas are already hard unlike the canned green peas)

After frying for a while, check to see if the carrot is now soft and edible,Add other ingredients and fry very Well If u have pieces of fish or meat, sausages u want to add to it, u can add it as this stage but this is not compulsory, your jollof rice would still be elegant without it.

8 Add two cubes of magii or three cubes

9 Add curry, a lot of it, this is the secret behind the greenish color of the fried rice, while you are enthusiastic to add a lot of curry, still be watchful because you don’t want it to be too greenish. A satchet or two satchet should be enough if the rice isn’t so much.

10 pour in your rice gradually, while staring and watch as the rice transforms to an amazing fried rice, sprinkle three drops of water and cook for 1minute. Your fried rice is ready for consumption.

11 Taste the food and add salt or magii if needed.

12 serve with a cold drink especially pepsi

Note; Too much water in your rice, just seive it out

Too little water? Add more water but not too much

Too much salt? Reduce the quantity of magii added

Too little rice? Add few sprinkles of macaroni it creates an amazing effect.

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