Five tips you should know about eggs.

Fresh eggs

This is a very funny short post and I hope you enjoy it. We all know the basic things about eggs right but this post is about to mention 5 things you didn’t know about eggs. Let’s get started:

How to know the eggs are still fresh?

This has always been a challenge for me as I could not figure out a fool proof way to know if my eggs were fresh or not. I once had an experience where I cracked five eggs in a bowl and the sixth egg was rotten. Sadly I didn’t notice on time and it had contaminated the rest of the eggs. No matter how hard we try, we sometimes find ourselves in kind of situation and it’s always very frustrating. How then do you know when your eggs are fresh?

It is very easy if your eggs float that means they are bad but if they sink that means they are fresh. Other obvious signs to tell if your eggs are not fresh includes:

  • Presence of large cracks on the eggs
  • Presence of black spots
  • Awful smell
  • Presence of flies perching on the eggs
  • Maggots

Best way to store eggs?

In school, I used to have issues storing eggs and most times I ended up with spoilt eggs. I had tried crates, bowls, buckets and lots of storage items with none of them solving my problem. My worst experience was when I placed a crate of eggs in a bucket and covered it. Upon returning back from school, my whole room was smelling like cow dung. The eggs had rotten and were stenching up the place. What then is the best way to store eggs and what are the dog’s and don’ts to follow when storing up eggs?

  • Don’t store eggs for long period of time
  • Always expose your eggs to air
  • Look for a convenient place in your kitchen to place your eggs while making sure they aren’t prone to being cracked
  • Never buy excessive quantities of eggs
  • Place eggs in a refrigerator not freezer
  • Use of crates is very advisable

Best way to boil eggs without cracking them?

If you are like me then you probably don’t enjoy having a disfigured egg with your beautifully looking noodles. You also don’t want to serve your guest a cracked boiled egg either. What then is the best way to boil eggs without cracking them?

  • Adding a pinch of salt to the water you intend to use to boil your eggs can go a long way.
  • Avoid throwing your eggs in a pot of water
  • Ensure the water covers the eggs while it boils.

What to do when your eggs have been ruined?

You have exercised so much care in boiling that egg but still it has cracked and it’s not even fully cooked. What to do when your eggs have been ruined?

  • Take deep breaths to calm your nerves
  • Place the half boiled egg in a transparent nylon.
  • Tie the nylon tightly
  • Return back to the pot and cook
  • Please note that the water used to boil the half boiled egg should not be used for cooking.

What to do with the leftover egg yolk or egg wash?

In some dishes, we have recipes that calls for the use of egg white or a little egg wash. You are then left wondering what to do with the leftover egg yolk or egg wash?

  • Make delicious scrambled eggs with them.
  • Make some tasty french toast
  • Freeze till needed

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