Ewa Agoyin stew

This stew is a local stew common among the Nigerians especially the Yoruba tribe. This stew is commonly enjoyed best with the beans commonly called Ewa Agoyin. It is also well loved by boys in my opinion.

Ewa Agoyin stew

Though the Ewa Agoyin beans is easy to make as shown in this post….The stew however is a different ball game. After searching and trying several methods, I arrived at this recipe, you don’t have to keep going out to buy it. You can make and eat it in your house.

Dried pepper( ata gigun)
Palm oil
5 large Scotch bonnet pepper/rodo

Pot/ frying pan, kitchen spoon.


  • Place your pot on the stove and wait till  it dries up.

  • Pour  your palm oil: One of the secrets behind this stew is in the palm oil; this is because the palm oil needs to be plenty, I can’t appropriately say the accurate quantity because it depends on the quantity of stew you want. I use four to five kitchen spoons however.

  • Bleach the palm oil. Please note that this is a tad bit dangerous and as such you have to be very careful.
Bleaching of palm oil involves continuous heating of your palm oil for a relatively long time. A minimum of 5 minute should be enough for this stew, my mum always adviced that a whole bulb of onions should be placed in the oil to prevent it from catching fire and I would advise you to do the same.
  • While your palm oil is bleaching, blend your ginger and garlic together making sure the quantity of onions is more than the quantity of ginger. If you don’t have a blender you can always grate it, it just takes longer

  • Blend your scotch bennet pepper with this mixture adding little quantity of water This blended mixture should be pasty and not watery

  • Add your dried pepper

  • Pour your mixture into the bleached palm oil and stir continuously. Continue stirring for seven to nine minutes, don’t worry if it’s burning it doesn’t matter, the stirring also prevents this.

  • After  nine minutes, pour in a dish and leave it to cool down.

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