Everything about Eba

Eba is a food common to Nigeria and eaten by some ghanians.

  • This post shall talk about
    • Steps in making Eba
    • Steps in making Eba on the stove/ fire
    • Health benefits of Eba
    • Side effects of Eba

Eba is made from dried grated grinded cassava flour commonly known as Garii. It can be white or yellow in colour. I love the yellow ones .

To make Eba, you need very hot water and garii.

Steps in making Eba

  1. Boil your water
  2. Get the needed quantity of Garii and set aside
  3. Pour your hot water in a bowl
  4. Sprinkle the garii into the hot water little by little until the garii and water are levelled up.
  5. Stir your garii using a spoon or spatula to smoothen it and remove lumps.
  6. Enjoy your Eba with stews like Vegetables stew/ Efo riro, Ewedu recipe and an amazing chicken
How to make Eba

How To make Eba on stove/fire

I learnt how to make Eba on the stove/burner early in life and I use this method because I have full guarantee that it won’t come out with lumps/koko.

Eba on a stove/fire

  1. place your pot on a stove
  2. Add the required quantity of water
  3. Boil your water until lots of bubbles are present
  4. Sprinkle your garii and stir
  5. Reduce the heat from the stove by turning it down a bit.
  6. Next, continue stiring and stop adding garii the moment it solidifies a bit
  7. Stir a little more then turn off your stove/burner
  8. Enjoy your Eba with Ewedu recipe or Vegetables stew/ Efo riro.

Nutritional content of Eba

Eba is very rich in carbohydrates, it aids bowel movement and can also help in weight gaining.

Side effects of Eba

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