Easy Plantain mosa recipe just for you by Rya’s kitchen

I had the greatest pleasure of making this delicious plantain mosa for my grandmother some days ago and guess what she loved it to pieces. You can make yours as delicious as mine with my recipe.

What’s plantain mosa?

Okay if you have been wondering what Plantain mosa then allow me to break it down for you. Plantain mosa is coined from two words, plantain and mosa. of course, the plantain there signifies it’s made from plantain but not just plantain though. It’s made from plantain and other ingredients. Read on to find out the other ingredients. The second word in plantain mosa is “mosa”. Anyways let’s leave all the big english plantain mosa just means plantain puff to me.

Story time

So there isn’t really much story behind this. I had some overly ripe Plantain at home just sitting there looking at me. I thought of frying it but decided to be adventurous. I had been hearing about plantain mosa a lot and just wanted to try it out. It was a two way thing. It was either going to end in a complete disaster and I get to laugh my ass off, pardon my English or it ends extremely well and I congratulate myself. Anyways I had few recipes in mind already but I decided to modify it a bit. Note some recipes don’t add sugar to the list of ingredients added however, I have a sweet tooth and I think sugar tastes nicer with it. This is because the yeast feeds on the sugar and you don’t want to be left with mosas that are sour or tastes like vinegar. Okay let’s get to the part you are most interested in; the recipe.

Plantain mosa recipe

Easy Plantain mosa recipe just for you by Rya’s kitchen

Recipe by RYA’S KITCHENCourse: DessertCuisine: ForeignDifficulty: Easy
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  • Few pieces of plantain

  • 3 tablespoon of sugar

  • A cup of flour

  • A teaspoon of yeast

  • warm water

  • Groundnut oil

  • Salt(optional)


  • Peel and slice your plantain, place in a blender, add few drops of water and blend to give a pasty form
  • Sieve and measure your flour and sugar in a bowl.
  • Add a pinch of salt (optional)
  • In a separate bowl add warm water and yeast to it. Mix for 3minutes
  • Add the blended plantain to the flour
  • Add the yeast mixture next
  • Mix and and water till you have a sticky mixture
  • Leave to rise for 30 minutes
  • Heat your oil for 5 minute
  • Place your mixture one at a time into the oil and fry like puff-puff
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