Frying fish the amateur’s way

Frying fish is something very tedious sometimes especially when it splashes as it fries. If you are just an amateur or you are curious about knowing how to fry fish easily then read and learn.

Have you ever been scared of hot oil splashing on you while frying fish? Have you ever tried frying fish and it keeps scattering? Then you are in the right place and don’t need to worry. I have got the perfect trick for you


The fish, flour, oil and a pinch of salt


  • fish

  • Flour

  • oil

  • a pinch of salt

Frying fish


  • frying pan
  • frying spoon( I don’t know the name but it has holes in it to sieve the oil out, a sieve preferably a metal one
  • Paper towels: you lay this inside the seive
  • Sieve

Equipment checklist

  • frying pan

  • frying spoon

  • paper towels/tissue paper

  • sieve


1 Pour the oil in the pan and make sure it’s very hot

2 Rub flour all over the fish / coat the fish with flour, just a little would do d trick

3 Place coated fish into the hot oil, starting by placing just the tip first and lowering it gently

4 Let the fish fry till it turns golden brown

5 Place fried fish into the metal sieve and leave to cool

6 Enjoy your lovely fish.

Few things to note;

Coating a fish makes it easier to fry, it prevents the fish from scattering in the oil, and gives it a beautiful golden brown color. It adds flavour to your fish and it’s a whole new experience. Salt may be sprinkled on the flour to be used to coat the fish, or the flour itself. Eggs can also serve as coating by either dipping the fish in your already whisked egg then coating it further with the flour before frying

Don’t forget to leave your comments and try it out.

Q: how do you fry your fish? Do leave a comment

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