Crayfish stew

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How to make ofada stew

Learning how to make ofada stew is very easy especially if you already know How to cook ofada rice .Ofada stew is a local Nigerian stew made with offals majorly. Ingredients required The ingredients required includes: Offals: Offals are edible internal organs of animal that are well seasoned and enjoyed in pepper soup or ofada … Read more

How to cook ofada rice

Ofada rice is native rice made mostly in Ogun state. It was named after a town called ofada in Ogun state, Nigeria. It’s unpolished rice and as such as a great potential to be dirty. It is a delicious meal and it’s one of my favorite meals especially when served with a special stew: ofada … Read more



Ikokore is a yam porridgde made from water yam. It is common to the ijebu tribe in Nigeria. I remember my dad used to sing “if you marry ijebu woman you just give her ikokore, if you marry ekiti woman you must give her pounded yam”. Anyway it was just a song that I remembered… … Read more

Ewa Agoyin

Everyone knows how to make beans but not everyone would be able to get that perfect Ewa Agoyin. Ewa Agoyin is common to the Yoruba tribe in Lagos. The way the beans looks is always heavenly and if you are lucky to eat it with some plantain or bread then it would become your favorite meal. The best stew for this meal is Ewa Agoyin stew

Ewa Agoyin with plantain and stew


  • Beans( specifically oloyin beans)
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Onions


Pressure pot; This pot is very good for cooking beans at a very fast rate. You should try to have one of you really love cooking.
Pot; if you don’t have a pressure pot no worries your meal would still turn out great in a normal pot too.
Turning stick


  • Pick your beans; I don’t like picking beans because it’s time consuming but if you want to achieve great result, I would ask you to do so.
    • It’s not nice eating and enjoying this meal and eating stones, that’s why you have to pick the beans. At least if you are using Nigerian beans please do so.
  • Rinse your beans at least twice; This is because some farmers are known to use herbicides on their farm and although the beans has undergone the necessary processing, it may or may not have chemicals on them.
    • When rinsing instead of pouring the water away, you should use your hands to pack the beans out of the water carefully this is because stones and sand if present in the beans would settle down at the bottom.
  • Pour the dirty water away and place clean water in a pot.
  • Pour the beans in it and add more water such that the water is above the beans.
  • Cut some slices of onions into the beans, this makes the beans soften quickly.
  • Boil for a very long time ( if you are using pressure pot 20minute should be enough) for normal pot, just check until the beans is soft and edible.
  • Get your turning stick at this point and mash the beans to get some paste out of them.
  • Stir continuously
  • Add salt as desired
  • Your beans is ready to be served

To make the best stew for this beans click Ewa Agoyin stew


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