What to do when your beans get burnt?

I have a neighbour whose house is very close to mine. They have lots of boys in their home and as such the boys are fond of cooking beans. The downside is that the beans often ends up burnt…I guess because it takes a long period of time to cook, maybe they forget it sometimes.

Burning beans is something that must have happened to someone at least once in a lifetime or even more. I decided to come up with a perfect solution and at the same time a recipe called Beans with a twist, it may be something you know already or something u haven’t tried out, why don’t you read and find out.

Beans with a twist recipe; when I say beans with a twist, i mean cooking beans normally but adding a secret ingredient to it. I am sure u are curious to find out what the secret ingredient is well why don’t u read and find out.

Steps to follow in achieving beans with a twist While correcting your burnt beans.

  1. Get a new pot and transfer the burnt beans into it trying not to scrape the burnt part
  2. If you haven’t added palm oil to the beans before, add palm oil, magii, onions, salt
  3. If you have added your palm oil before it got burnt skip step 2
  4. Slice some plantain into tiny pieces( don’t fry)
  5. Pour a little quantity of water in your beans , add a cube of sugar( are u laughing at this moment 😃), a pinch of salt, and bits of plantain to it( oh yes! that’s the secret ingredient 😎😉), crayfish, and chopped up rodo/ Scotch bonnet pepper.
  6. Add more water but don’t make your beans watery( well except you like it that way)
  7. Cover your pot and leave it to cook for 10-15minute
  8. Your refurbished beans is ready for consumption. Please try not to burn it at this stage
  9. Enjoy your meal with cold water, bread, garii, or drink

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