Amateurs cooking steps

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Have u ever loved eating a food or something and u feel like trying to recreate or make it? or maybe u are like me just an amateur, who loves trying out different experiments and seeing how it turns out, well u are in luck because i am here to give you a brief guideline on how to go about cooking for amateurs. I am going to take you through three basic steps you need to excel as an amateur cook and even go on to be a pro.

Step one;

Browse about the food you have in mind: Read different articles about it form a picture in your mind, visualize it, imagine how awesome it would taste, write down the items you need to make this amazing food, think of where you can get this items.

Step two;

Get the items you need: After identifying the ingredients or items you need, get them if there are things you have at home, assemble them on a table top to know if there are any missing objects or items u need to rush to the market to get.

Cooking Steps for amateurs

Step three;

Make the meal or special delicacy you are craving: It’s not enough for you to crave a meal or get the ingredient, you have to make it then you know ur mission has been accomplished or your goal has been achieved. There’s this fulfilment you get from tasting a dish made by you. Yes it’s not all the time you would get a perfect dish but u still get a fufilment from trying than doing nothing.

Thanks for reading go out there and make a dish and don’t forget to share what you made and how it turned out with me thank you as I await your feedback

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