Fruit series#2


If you are just reading the fruit series for the first time, you may want to check the first episode in the Fruits series#1. Okay let’s talk about bananas.

This post shall be in three parts:

  • Bananas
  • Health benefits of eating bananas
  • Foods made using bananas
  • One banana recipe

Do you love bananas?

Bananas are just amazing simple fruits that everyone should enjoy. All you have to do is remove the peel and that’s all. No effort is required in eating bananas and guess what it contains so much nutrients that after reading this post, you would have to include bananas in your diet.

Fun facts about bananas

Don’t worry we would still learn the benefits of bananas but let’s learn some fun facts first. I am pretty sure you would be amazed .

  1. Bananas float on water…. I know I was as surprised you. I mean it looks heavy right.
  2. Bananas are classified as berry…you are probably say “really” right now.
  3. About fifty percent of our DNA is shared with bananas…..are you laughing?
  4. Rubbing banana peel on your head can cure headache… the next time you have headaches make sure you try it just target your forehead.
  5. Banana peels make amazing manure and compost.
  6. You could polish your leather shoes with the inner part of banana peels.

Health benefits derived

  1. They assists your body in producing serotonin which can alleviate depression.
  2. They contain vitamin B6 which does a lot of things for your body such as
    • Improve your nervous system
    • Detoxification
    • it improves your mood … take some bananas so you don’t go bananas.
    • Reduces the risk of Alzheimer
    • Treating premenstrual pain
    • Reduces heart risk
  3. It contains vitamin C which does a lot of things for your body such as:
    • Boosting body’s immune system
    • It improves wound healing process
    • It aids growth and development of body parts
  4. It contains manganese which:
    • reduces blood sugar level
    • Helps in the production of antioxidants
    • Aids on clot formation
    • Protects free radical damage
  5. It contains low sodium and high pottasium which improves your heart and blood pressure.
  6. It contains fibres which improves digestion.
  7. It contains sucrose, glucose and fructose which supplied the body with energy.

Foods made from bananas

  • Banana pancakes
  • Banana pudding
  • Banana smoothie
  • Banana ice cream
  • Banana flavour
  • Banana chips
  • Banana bread
  • Banana flavoured cakes

Banana pancakes

  1. Blend two ripe bananas with little water to form a paste
  2. Beat two large eggs in a bowl
  3. Mix egg and banana mixture together
  4. Add as much sugar as you like
  5. Add banana flavour
  6. Add 1cup of flour
  7. Add a little water and stir
  8. Mixture should not be watery or too thick
  9. Fry your mixture
  10. Serve with syrup on top

Click for Classic Pancake recipe

Green bananas versus yellow bananas

Green bananas have high resistant starch content but low sugar content and are ideal for Diabetes type 2 patient. They also have low antioxidant level.

The yellow ones have higher antioxidant level and are easier to digest.

Selecting the right banana

  • Pick ripe bananas if they are meant for immediate consumption
  • Pick unripe ones if they are to be used later
  • Avoid bananas with grey tint
  • Avoid bananas that look bruised
  • Pick bananas with bright color and doesn’t look dull.

Storing bananas

  • sort bananas based on their level of ripeness: put unripe ones aside and put the ripe ones seperately
  • Separate each ripe banana from the bunch so they don’t get spoilt quickly
  • store unripe bananas at room temperature
  • Avoid storing your bananas in the freezer as they may loose their nunutrient
  • Wrap the bunch of unripe bananas with a cellotape to slow down ripening process
Banana storage

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