Fruits series#1

Fruit series is a series focused on giving detailed information about several fruits and everything you need to know about the fruit. . This series shall involve discussions about a particular fruit and everything you need to know about it. An episode of this series shall be published weekly. To follow this series closely all you have to do is subscribe and get updates in your email.

Fruit series

Fruits: Apples

Apples are fruits that are ready for consumption immediately it’s rinsed with clean water. It can be sliced into smaller chunks or eaten in bits.

Fruit: Benefits of Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

There are several benefits of eating apples at least learn to eat one:

  • it contains vitamin C
  • It can be very good for weight loss this is because it is high in fibres and water. To lose weight, eating an apple a day is advised.
  • Apples are good for your heart because they contain soluble fibres which can reduce cholesterol.
  • It’s good for brain development
  • It aids bone development

Dishes made from Apples

  • Apple pie
  • Apple juice
  • Caramel apple
  • Apple sauce
  • candy apples

Best Apple selection technique

Selecting the right apples seems like an easy task however listed below are few things you should note when buying your next apple.

  • Firmness: Hold the apple in your hands. Does it feel firm? Is it soft?. Apples are supposed to be firm . Any apple that feels soft on touch isn’t a good apple.
  • Appearance: The appearance of the apple tells a lot of stories about the apple. Is there a dent in the apple? Is there a hole? Are there marks around it?. A good apple should be free of blemish, marks, holes or spots.
  • Colour: You want to buy an apple with a unique colour, you don’t want to buy an apple with a dull colour or an apple that looks withered.

Apple candy recipe


Lollipop sticks, sugar, water

Apple candy
Apple candy


A pot/ frying pan, Gas cooker. You can check some pots on konga using this link


  • Place a pot on the fire
  • Add sugar to it and little water
  • Boil for few minutes
  • Get a lollipop stick
  • Drill a hole the size of the lollipop stick
  • Place the stick inside the apple
  • Rub your apple in the liquid
  • Leave to solidify.

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