7 ways to make Cooking easier

I am about to tell you a secret and you have to promise no one would hear of it. Do I have your word? Okay here we go:

At the early stages of my life I hated cooking. Are you having that shocking expression on your face? Lol so am I . Okay let’s be serious now😂.

Cooking is something stressful, there’s so much heat involved when cooking so you get stressed out. You get tired by the time you are done, your feets may even hurt you at the end of the day. Would you like to make your kitchen life easier? Then read this post to the end and follow what I advise, if it doesn’t work for you, just email me ryaskitchen@gmail.com let’s work it out. I am a living testimony that you can go from hating cooking to loving and trying new recipes. Oh if you want a recipe do head over to my Menu straight away.

Don’t cook too many dishes at once

On several occasions, I have had to make several dishes at the same. I am sure you must have had to do so too. I also know by the time you were done, to just wanted to lay down on the bed, get a massage and sleep. Making so many dishes at the same time makes you feel overwhelmed, stressed and above all it makes you hate the kitchen.

To avoid this, all you have to do is cook a maximum of two to three dishes at a time. That way you can concentrate on the dishes at hand, make them delicious and you won’t feel overwhelmed. You may say but I still have to bake that cake, cook that jollof rice, fry that chicken, cook a lot of stew, make some fish sauce…and lots more. Well the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath.

  • select three most important meals and cook them, then the cook the rest later
  • You could select meals that are less likely to spoil and cook those first then cook the rest later.
  • You could remove meals that are not needed at that time.

summary: Don’t cook so much meals at once. Cook just two or three meals at a time.

make sure your kitchen is ventilated


When building kitchens I think it’s best to make sure it’s ventilated, I don’t mean have so much windows. Have enough windows that you won’t get choked up while cooking but there won’t be too much breeze coming in from the windows that your fire would be blown off

What if the kitchen has already been built? My kitchen isn’t well ventilated to be honest but I use other alternatives, like opening the doors while cooking sometimes. Please note that You don’t need a fan in your kitchen because it would keep switching off the fire needed to cook. But you could open your windows and doors if you can. If you can’t open your doors then

  • Try cooking foods that don’t won’t generate so much heat
  • Try cooking one food that won’t generate heat and one that generate low heat.
  • For instance; when making ofada stew! You would have to bleach the palm oil which is going to generate so much heat. So you could fry pancakes which has limited heat and cook ofada stew which requires limited heat. Or boil rice and cook ofada.
  • Don’t bleach palm oil on one burner and fry chicken on the second burner. You would feel choked, be discomforted and above all stressed.

Summary : Have a ventilated kitchen

cook meals that generate less heat

Wash your kitchen utensils and plates immediately after use

Kitchen clutter

One of the major reasons why people hate cooking and get stressed is because of the dirty dishes. By the time you are done cooking, you don’t want to face a mountain of dishes, you just want to serve the food and relax. The best advice I can give is that you wash dishes immediately after use. As you are cooking, you would use plates, spoons, knives, bowls and so on. The moment you finish using a knife, you should wash it, the moment you pour the content in a bowl in the pot, WASH IT. You can also enforce that the money your kids finish eating that should wash their dishes that way no plate stays in the kitchen.

For pots, you can invest in iron sponges to scrub your pot. You could soak them briefly and wash afterwards but at least you know it’s only pots you have to deal with.

Washing dishes

Invest in comfy footwares

Your feets are part of the things that hurts after a long day in the kitchen. Make your kitchen life comfortable by investing in some comfy safety footwears, chefs have been known to use clogs /Crocs so you could try that. If you can’t afford expensive shoes, look around your home for something you are comfortable wearing. It could be slippers, flip-flops anything that you know won’t hurt your feet.

Foot wear

Get something comfy for your legs. Make sure it’s also safety protective too. Don’t buy something slippery so you don’t slide around your kitchen and injure yourself.

Have a spaced kitchen.

When your kitchen isn’t properly spaced you would keep bumping into things, things are likely to fall down. What do I mean by have a spaced kitchen? A spaced kitchen is a kitchen that you can walk freely without colliding or coming in contact items in your kitchen. A spaced kitchen makes it easy for you to get things around your kitchen easily. It’s a kitchen that isn’t cluttered or jam-packe.

  • If your kitchen is stuffy or congested, you may want to remove things you don’t use frequently to create space.
  • You may want to get rid of spoilt machines
  • You may like to clear all items from your table top.

Invest in a good apron

Are you laughing or wondering why you need an apron? We all know chefs wear aprons but we probably don’t see the reason why we need to wear an apron. Aprons are safety clothing worn in the kitchen to protect you, to prevent your clothes from getting stained with oil and other stuffs. Aprons with pockets have added advantage as you can keep items like your kitchen napkins, paper towels, oven mittens inside it. Don’t try keeping knives in your pocket though. White aprons doesn’t absorb heat and it protects chefs from intense heat while cooking. What I am trying to say is get an apron it doesn’t have to be white .


Arrange your ingredients before you begin cooking

Making sure you have all the ingredients for a specific meal is very important. This would help you know if you need to rush down to the store to get any Ingredient you might have missed. It’s also better to assemble your ingredients at one corner of your table top because you would be able to pick what you need easily without having to scatter everywhere. As you pick what you need return them back to their original location so you don’t have a clutter on your table top.


I hope this makes your kitchen experience easier and less stressful.

If you have any information you would like to share with me. You can message me at ryaskitchen@gmail.com.

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