How to make homemade Chin chin?

Homemade Chin chin

I love everything homemade because you make them right at home and you save cost. I would be teaching you how to make homemade Chin chin. I am sure you would enjoy reading and trying it out. Ingredients needed for home made chin chin 1000grams of flour 150grams of butter 200grams of sugar 250mls of … Read more

What’s the difference between soup and stew?

I am sure at one time or another you must have asked what’s the difference between soup and stew? Soups and stews are quite similar and it can be confusing. I mean they are liquid right? Some of them even have the same ingredients. So what’s the difference between soup and stew? The consistency: Soups … Read more

Oranges|fruit Series

Dear readers, it’s been very long since I posted anything on the fruit Series 😪. I have been procrastinating a lot but today I have decided to let go of all that and write. What are oranges? Well oranges are fruits. They have peels and an edible part that can be eaten. Do you love … Read more

Wanke stew


Wanke is a ghanian delicacy made with guinea corn leaves, rice and beans. To enjoy this perfect delicacy, wanke stew or shitto stew can be used. Though this delicacy has it’s specific recipe, you can still enjoy it with whatever stew you have at home. Ingredients Tomatoes Scotch bonnet pepper/ata rodo Onions Ginger and garlic … Read more



what is wanke ? Wanke is a ghanian rice and beans. Ingredients needed for wanke Leaf of guinea corn. In my tribe its called kporo kporo baba leaf my mum says it’s the leaf that’s gotten from ogi baba plant. Anyway it’s pink/ wine in color. You can get this at a local market in … Read more

Reasons why you need a recipe book?

Rya’s kitchen specializes in making your cooking experience and skills better. One of the ways we can achieve this is by giving you cooking tips, recipes and pointing you in the right direction. Sometimes we also advertise kitchen wares for konga and we get a small commission from it. So the next time you need … Read more

Amateurs cooking steps

Dear readers, Have u ever loved eating a food or something and u feel like trying to recreate or make it? or maybe u are like me just an amateur, who loves trying out different experiments and seeing how it turns out, well u are in luck because i am here to give you a … Read more

How to make puff puff.

#special request: Do you have a post you would really want me to publish? Well what are you waiting for? Ask and it shall be added to the list and it would get published. All you have to do is email me, Send me a message on WhatsApp using my contact details or leave … Read more

Crayfish stew

Learning how to make crayfish stew is very easy with this recipe. I have tried to make it as easy as possible and I am sure you would get a very good result. Crayfish stew is best served with rice and beans. Ingredients Crayfish Tomato paste Onions Magii Pepper Jollof seasoning/ curry Steps Heat your … Read more

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