10 useful Kitchen equipment you can’t do without!!

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The right kitchen equipment is everything. Sometimes, you may not have excellent skills but with just the right kitchen equipment, you may be able to pull everything off. How then do you select the the right kitchen equipment ? you may find yourself asking?. Don’t worry just take a look at one of my blog post that talks about factors to consider when selecting the right kitchen equipment. Moving on, this post shall focus on Ten most important/useful Kitchen equipment, I hope you are excited.


What comes to mind when you think of Kitchen equipment you just can’t do without?

Has an individual, we all have several tastes in things. From taste in clothes, bags to tastes in Kitchenwares. Some individuals may prefer, bosch to kenwood while others may prefer century to saisho. However the fact still remains that in each and everyone of us kitchens, there are certain Kitchen equipment we can’t do without. This may help you to also decide which Kitchen equipment you should get or which equipment you need the most.

What are some of these most useful Kitchen equipment you may ask?

  1. Pots and pans : I don’t think I know of anyone that can do without pots. No matter how sophisticated your kitchen is you still need pots and frying pan. You require pots for cooking and pans for frying. In more posts to come we shall delve deeper into factors to consider in selecting some of the kitchenwares mentioned here. However the major factor you should consider is the strength of the pot and also the brand. When I say strength; I mean, the thickness. Is it light or heavy?Light pots tend to wear out easily than heavy and more sturdy pots. Brands like tower pots though more expensive may be more reliable in terms of quality than toshiba.
  2. Knives: The second most useful Kitchen equipment should be knives. Although you may argue that you don’t need knives as much as spoons, You still need knives . This is because, you would need to cut several food items at one time or another. I remember one experience when I forgot my knife at home and had to keep borrowing knife from my neighbors. It got so annoying, I ended up buying two sets of knives. There are different kinds of knives and each of these knives cones with their different functions. Some have serrated edges while others have smooth edges. The most important knives are the ones with smooth edges. They can be used to cut your vegetables, meat and other food item. Don’t forget to be careful when using a sharp or blunt knife to avoid accidents in your kitchen and to try and get a knife sharpener .
  3. Spoons: Spoons are used for stirring, scooping and serving. Just as there are different types of knives, there are also different types of spoons and each of these spoons have different functions. Just get the basic spoon that can be used for stirring and serving. As you advance, you can experiment with other types of spoons. you could always get this lovely amazing wooden spoon I have.
  4. Chopping board: There’s just something so fascinating about a chopping board. You may argue that a flat plate may serve the function as a chopping board. Trust me, the feeling you get when you use a chopping board is so different from the one you get when using a flat plate. You aren’t convince? Then just buy this lovely chopping board and tell me what you think. Chopping boards are very flat and they make cutting/chopping go smoothly and easily. They can be used to cut food items like onions, carrots, cabbages, chin chin dough among others.
  5. Plate racks: Though plate racks are not entirely used in the kitchen activities, they are still very useful. They serve as a place to hang and dry plates. They make your kitchen look beautiful while still having a practical side. Getting a very simple, cheap plate rack is something you need to get if you don’t have any already
  6. Gas cooker/hot plate or stove: There has to be a means of cooking in your kitchen for it to even be called a kitchen. Whether it’s a large gas cooker, an electric cooker, a hot plate or a stove for as long as it can produce heat and help in cooking your food, your kitchen needs it. You don’t have to get all these expensive kitchen equipment at first but you definitely need a cooker
  7. Grater/blender/manual grater: If you are like me and love to make fresh tomato sauce with fresh peppers then you need a gratergrater/blender/manual grater. These equipments are used to smoothen or blend peppers among other food items.
  8. Mixing bowls: The need to mix food ingredients to create your special recipe is very important. You therefore need mixing bowls as you need a place to mix your ingredients. There are different sizes of mixing bowls and each of these bowls can contain different quantities.
  9. Slotted spoons: What’s a Slotted spoon? These are just spoons that have slots or holes in them. The major function of these spoons are for draining. When frying, you need a slotted spoon to drain your oil before placing the fried item in a sieve. To use a slotted spoon, place the spoon in your frying pan and use it to carry the fried item. Hold the slotted spoon, in the air while the oil drains through the slots into the frying pan. Place drained item into sieve to drain a little more.
  10. Sieve: Sieves are used to drain food items. It’s useful when frying as it drains excess oil in foods. It’s also used to drain vegetables when rinsed. To drain fish before frying. There are different textures of sieves. Plastic sieves are different from metal sieves. Metal sieves are advised to be used when frying fish as hot substances rarely melts metal compared to plastics that may not be able to withstand heat.

If you have read to this point, then thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to you reading my other posts and posts to come.

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